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Which health insurance is best

Health Insurance

Which health insurance is best In today's time, getting the best health insurance has become a very difficult task. In today's time, many companies keep canceling many health insurance plans. That's why most of the people get confused about which health insurance policy to buy.

health insurance

If you are going to buy any health insurance policy, then first of all you should get some information related to that policy and that company like health insurance rider, its benefits, how much and how much coverage will be available, and which are the hospitals related to that policy. 

Those who do not need or who do not know about health insurance, they will say that all policies are the same, no matter what you buy, but knowing only the person would know which is the best company and which is the best policy. . Because by choosing a good policy, you can save yourself from many hassles and conditions.

Today we will tell you which health insurance is best and why you should choose it.

Given below are the names of some companies and their plans and what age should be to choose.

Health insurence planage to start 
Activ Health from Aditya Birla
5 year and above

bajaj allianz - health guard

18 – 65 year

Bharti AXA Smart Super Health Insurance Policy

91 dayes 65 years

Care Plan by Care Health Insurance

91 days and above

Cholamandalam Health Insurance

18 years -  65 years

Edelweiss General Insurance

90 days to  65 years

Future Generali : Life Insurance

18years – 65 years

Iffco Tokio Health Protector Plus

18years– 65 years

Kotak General Insurance

18 years – 65 years

Liberty General Insurance

18 years – 65 years

Max Bupa Health

91 days and above

National Parivar Mediclaim Plus Policy 

18 years – 65 years

Senior Citizen Mediclaim Policy

60 years – 80 years

Oriental Insurance

18years – 65 years

Raheja QBE Health QuBE

90 days 65 years

Reliance General Insurance

18 years – 55years ,

Lifeline Supreme Health Plan - Royal Sundaram

18 years and above

SBI Arogya Premier Policy

3 month 65 years

Star Family Health Optima Insurance Plan

18 years – 65 years

Universal Sompo Complete Health Care Insurance Plan

18 years and above

United India Health Insurance 

18 years – 65 years

To choose any of these policies, keep the following things in mind.

Insured Amount

Before buying any policy, know that that policy will cover up to the maximum amount of rupees because in today's time even a small surgery costs lakhs of rupees. A heart surgery costs (approximately 4  to 5 lakh rupees).

Choose right coverage type

Before buying any health policy plan, see whether it is needed only by you or your family. If you have a family then it is better that you choose a family floater plan in which you will get the cover up of your entire family.

Cashless hospitalization

Before choosing a health policy, know that what is the cover up of that policy, whether it is cash or cashless, it is better that you choose a cash less plan in which you will not have to deposit a single rupee, the hospital will collect money directly from the insurance company. takes.

If you have chosen any other plan, then it may be that first you have to pay all the hospital expenses, after that when you send the complete data of the hospital to the policy company, all the money spent will be sent to your account. Which health insurance is best

Check Review

Before buying any health insurance plan, you should definitely check its review, what do the people who have bought that plan so far think about this plan, whether they got the service well or not, did they get the money on time or not etc. . Which health insurance is best

Keeping these important points in mind, you can buy any health policy.

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